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Published: 01/01/10
Ewer Street
Mistical Skatepark revisited.
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Em 2015-03-16 17:12:59
Hi, although it's nice to see your apreciation I have to correct you on a few tings. No 1 Ewer Street Skate park was set up by my then partner Kai Boyt, don't remember Dave Duncan having much to do with it, certainly not any of the hard graft that's for sure. we trailed round for months looking for a suitable venue, hellava lot of work to create. No2 It was closed down for several reasons, mostly because a gang of little shit heads trashed the placed one night smashed everything smashable, damaged verts, set fire to whatever they could so we had to walk away from it accepting that these little cunts had to have their underground rebel subversive play. Money laundering? idea what you are talkng about, no sign of any money to launder, all done at a huge personal loss, barely paid off by the proceeds of a Lucasaid advert filmed there. 3 Yes we had a couple of raves but "somebody" got a bit ahead of themselves and advertised one of them which alerted Transport for London who owned the arches to come down with the police and close everything down. Thanks for photographing it and apreciating it. RIP Ewer Street.

Stav 2014-08-13 00:13:39
I remember Ewer Street oh so well, I worked there for the duration and have plenty of good memories back then, skating was coming into a new transition at that time with the likes of Penny, Rowley, Moley, Curtis, Luckhurst, Manzoori, I even remember skating there with Tony Hawk, Rick Howard plus many more big names, and the after parties were epic!!! Good memories will never die! Stav

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