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Published: 03/02/09
Radar Hill
Gonella Get iradiated by radar signals.
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SWFeyez 2012-04-25 04:22:20
Some pretty impressive military air traffic visits or overflys the hill on a regular basis (still in 2012) recently fully loaded Apache helicopters have been seen circling the hill, landing there, a large 'Black Hawk' type helicopter that was almost silent landed also, there is a giant "H" landing spot visible from Google Maps ... on the way in to the site via the road / footpath there is a sign warning of : 'Helicopters Operating' 'Danger Of Radiation' (from radar etc) and several other warnings unusual for a facility that no one really claims to operate ... I think it's used for radar research, and prototype gear is loaded on the visiting copters when required, and the occasional fast jet will use the large towers there for radar targetting ... the area 'Airwave' mast for 999 services is located within the secure area also, an interesting, local site :)

hank scorpio 2009-10-19 13:12:45
radar hill is what over shadows the small town of south woodham. i think the radars are the source of neil smiths skateboard powers.

luke porter 2009-09-08 21:19:16
It's true, Radar Hill is FUCKING MASSIVE.

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